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17/10/07: most of the presentations are available at the program page.
10/10/07: info on social event are available.
04/10/07: If you chose to pay the registration fee by bank transfer and did not fax us the corresponding receipt: please, bring the receipt with you and exhibit it at the registration desk.
04/10/07: social dinner: if you are interested in the vegetarian menu, please e-mail to cettolo at itc dot it
02/10/07: the tentative final version of the program is available.
24/09/07: registration to the workshop is closed.
21/09/07: submission of camera ready papers is closed.
20/09/07: the preliminary version of the program is now available.
20/09/07: information for speakers is online.
14/08/07: workshop registration is open.
10/08/07: automatic evaluation results and task reference files have been sent to all participants.
08/08/07: info on venue, accomodations and visa are now available. See the workshop page.
17/07/07: paper submission is open. See the workshop page.
28/06/07: the schedule has been changed. See the schedule page.
12/06/07: the resources page has been updated.

24/04/07: task registration is open and online.
26/03/07: final call for participation is online.
25/03/07: program committee was completed.
07/03/07: first call for participation.