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This year's IWSLT workshop continues the tradition of organizing an open evaluation campaign for spoken language translation followed by a scientific workshop, in which both system descriptions and scientific papers are presented.

IWSLT's evaluations are not competition oriented but, on the contrary, their goal is to foster cooperative work and scientific exchange. In this respect, IWSLT proposes challenging research tasks and an open experimental infrastructure for the scientific community working on spoken and written language translation.
An important and innovative aspect of this year's edition will concerns the linguistic resources available to train the systems. IWSLT07 will provide only a limited amount of resources. In order to make the evaluation more collaborative and fair,the participants are encouraged to look for additional public resources and to share their availability.
To encourage such sharing of available linguistic resources, IWSLT07 will fix a date by which participants have to declare the resources they plan to use for their system. The list of all declared resources will then be made available to all participants.